Doctor Myasnikov called the benefits of B vitamin injections for back pain a myth: “it’s a relic”

back pain
Doctor Alexander Myasnikov: injections of B vitamins for back pain were considered useful in the past, but their real benefits are a myth.

Many People who have suffered from back pain may report that they have been advised to take injections of B vitamins, which are known to be important for neurological health. Dr. Myasnikov remembered this, simultaneously calling the opinion about the benefits of such injections a myth.

“Contrary to popular belief, a course of injections with B vitamins will not help get rid of back pain,” a famous physician shared his opinion.
Alexander Myasnikov admitted that during his youth, B vitamins in injections were considered perhaps the number one remedy for pain back syndrome. Such injections were prescribed to almost all patients with a similar problem, as they were considered the standard of treatment. But today this method is already a relic of the past; there are no official recommendations for the use of injections of B vitamins for back pain.

Myasnikov added that a deficiency of B vitamins in the body can cause polyneuropathy, a neurological disorder characterized by unpleasant bodily sensations. But this has nothing to do with severe back pain, so replenishing the level of these vitamins will not help solve the problem.

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Alexander Myasnikov Alexander Myasnikov Health general practitioner, cardiologist, chief physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 71 (Moscow), television and radio presenter.