Doctor Mellor: energy bar can raise levels of “bad” cholesterol

Doctor Mellor: energy bar can increase bad cholesterol
Like visceral fat, the body cannot exist without cholesterol. The body needs visceral fat for two reasons: to protect internal organs and as a backup source of energy. Meanwhile, cholesterol is needed by the body to maintain overall heart health; however, it only needs one form of cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, to do so. Problems arise when levels of another type of cholesterol, LDL, become too high.

One of the main causes of high cholesterol is eating too much saturated fat; some foods that are considered healthy sometimes contain a lot of this harmful substance.

Examples of such products include protein and energy bars. While these snacks provide a much-needed boost, that boost comes at a price.

Expert Dr. Ryan Mellor said:
“Energy-dense foods that are high in sugar and fat but without a lot of fiber, vitamins, or minerals will not deliver benefits, especially if you eat them instead of a healthy, varied diet. Energy bars should be considered an “emergency ration” in exceptional circumstances.”
As a result, energy bars should be used in the same way the body uses visceral fat as a backup energy source.

Due to their high fat content they are often recommended as equipment for those who engage in prolonged exercise, such as a long run or cycle.

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