Doctor Malysheva: squeezing the neck during sleep threatens brain health

woman sleeping
Elena Malysheva: a sleeping person’s neck should not be pinched – this is one of the rules of healthy sleep.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Malysheva shared two rules for healthy sleep. According to one of these rules, nothing should compress the veins in a person’s neck – this is necessary for the processes of cleansing the central nervous system from substances harmful to it. In turn, pinching the neck during sleep threatens the health of the brain.

“During sleep, the lymphatic system of the brain removes toxic substances from the brain. Therefore, the neck should not be pinched during sleep. We must lie down without squeezing the outflow tract through the veins. And we must wake up with a fresh head,” stated the doctor.
Malysheva added that during night sleep, immunity is formed, and processes for correcting various damage to the body are also carried out. She noted that the body should not be distracted by any stimuli in the external environment during this period. The second key rule is to have a comfortable environment – a person should sleep in darkness and silence.

“Night is a situation when you have closed your eyes and you do not have any external stimuli. “No,” the expert emphasized.
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