Doctor Levitskaya pointed out the myths about gastritis: dry food and fast food have nothing to do with it

Consumption of harmful foods, contrary to popular belief, does not have a significant effect on the risk of gastritis, said gastroenterologist Anastasia Levitskaya.

Many people, feeling pain or discomfort in the abdomen, believe that they have gastritis. Doctor Levitskaya pointed out myths about gastritis in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. The gastroenterologist named one of these myths as the theory that gastritis appears due to certain foods or eating habits, or eating dry food. Levitskaya emphasized: neither dry food nor other food preferences have anything to do with it.

“Gastritis does not arise due to eating habits, fast food or dry food, this is a myth – it is impossible to cause gastritis with food.”
Another myth about gastritis is its painful manifestation. A gastroenterologist noted:

“In most people, gastritis does not manifest itself in any way and does not hurt.”
Doctor Levitskaya drew attention to the fact that the key cause of gastritis is damage to the stomach by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. The consequence of its pathological activity is the development of chronic inflammation in the stomach, ulceration of its mucous membrane, which is why gastritis occurs (in addition, peptic ulcer disease).

The doctor warned: gastritis left without proper control and treatment is quite capable of causing cancer.

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