Doctor Lebedeva: weakness and fatigue in the morning are one of the first manifestations of diabetes

Endocrinologist Dilyara Lebedeva named the symptoms of diabetes that may occur first.

Doctor Lebedeva said that one of the first manifestations of diabetes mellitus is the condition weakness and fatigue in the morning, which occurs as a consequence of sudden jumps in sugar levels at night. In addition, the initial manifestations of diabetes include frequent trips to the toilet along with waking up at night due to the urge to urinate.

Another possible symptom Lebedeva named sudden changes in mood.

“These signs may indicate “insulin resistance, a condition in which the body loses the ability to effectively use insulin,” the doctor shared on the Telegram channel.
The doctor advised Russians with such symptoms to check their blood sugar levels. Dilyara Lebedeva emphasized that early detection of existing diabetes saves a person from many dangerous complications, including cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver and kidney failure.

The portal previously wrote that the appearance of spider veins on the skin of the body may be a marker of problems with the health of internal organs.

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