Doctor Koledova: Some foot problems in women arise due to menopause

women's legs
Gynecologist Tatyana Koledova: pain in the legs is much more often an “age problem” for women than for men.

Doctor Koledova noted in an interview with MedikForum that many women, with the approach and onset of menopause, begin to complain more often about problems with their legs. For example, they may notice that the skin of the feet becomes rough and prone to cracks – this is due to the fact that during menopause the level of the hormone estrogen, which affects the ability of the female body to retain moisture, decreases. Women with diabetes need to pay special attention to the condition of their feet, since damage to the feet in this disease threatens to have very dangerous consequences.

Another common problem for women in menopause is pain in the arch of the foot. As a rule, owners of excess weight face it. The more critical its excess, the more likely that the tendons of the foot will be stretched and will not be able to hold the arch of the foot – it will begin to lose lift, will be flattened.

Also, Dr. Koledova added, women who frequently wear high heels are at risk of pain in the balls of their feet as they enter menopause. This pain may be related to physical changes in the feet that occur with age. Their ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones weaken, depreciation deteriorates.

A vulnerable spot on the feet of women is the base of the big toe. The fair sex most suffer from bursitis (a lump at the base of the big toe), and often suffer from arthritis of the big toe joint.

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br>“The symptoms of this arthritis include pain in the joint that connects the big toe to the foot due to loss of flexibility in the joint and inflammation. This problem in women gradually develops, starting at the age of 30 – in the future, the protective cartilage of their feet is slowly destroyed.
As for bursitis, this deformity can be aggravated by years of wearing pointed or narrow shoes that squeeze the toes.

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