Doctor Ivanov: loss of appetite and weight loss may be “silent” manifestations of cancer

Doctor oncosurgeon Anton Ivanov: symptoms of cancer that are not visible to the eye, hiding in the body, are often called “silent”.

Doctor Ivanov reported that the symptoms, arising in connection with the development of cancer, are both visible and tangible, and hidden, “quiet”. In particular, malignant changes with moles, with the mammary gland are visually noticeable.

As for the more hidden symptoms, these include, for example, changes in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the oncologist stated. So, according to him, a decrease in appetite and weight loss can be “silent” manifestations of cancer. manifestations of cancer that require attention. And unplanned weight loss, as a rule, indicates a more progressive stage of the disease, ”the doctor shared with Gazeta.Ru.
Ivanov continued that men should definitely consult a urologist if they have difficulty urinating and regularly wake up at night to go to the toilet. In addition, unreasonable prolonged cough, changes in sputum, constant apathy or weakness should not be ignored.

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“If apathy and weakness accompany you for a long time, then you should play it safe and consult a doctor, because these are possible signs of an oncological disease.”
Ivanov emphasized that preventive examinations are a key factor in the fight against cancer, as they allow timely detection of a malignant process . The appearance of symptoms in the case of cancer often means that it is advanced and difficult to treat.

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