Doctor Egorov called cancer with distant metastases inoperable

patient at the doctor
Oncologist Vyacheslav Egorov: for cancer to be operable, it must not have metastases.

Doctor Egorov explained why surgery is not used in all cases of cancer. The oncologist noted that if the tumor metastasizes, it may be unsafe to operate on it. Vyacheslav Egorov called cancer with distant metastases inoperable, since with surgical intervention they would begin to progress during the recovery process.

“The main criterion for the operability of cancer tumors is the absence of distant metastases,” the expert stated in an interview with the Snob project.< The doctor added that removing a malignant tumor with existing metastases can shorten a person’s life. Modern surgery allows surgery for one or two metastases - strictly provided that they are damaged by preliminary chemotherapy and do not show growth. In addition, the doctor noted, a person must have the resources to physically withstand a surgical operation and the stress associated with it. If the patient has a history of severe pathologies, his case may be inoperable due to too high a risk to life. The portal previously wrote that a brain tumor at an early stage can be confused with depression, about Oncologist Farhad Dzhabarov spoke about this in more detail.

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