Doctor Dorosh: hair loss is most influenced by hormones and genetics

According to doctor Elvira Dorosh, genes and hormones are responsible for the vast majority of cases of hair loss outside the norm.

Doctor Dorosh said in an interview that The problem of losing too much hair is often associated with an increase in androgen levels. When there are a large number of them, the hair follicles begin to weaken, and the result of this weakening is thinning of the hair. Typically, baldness affects the frontal and parietal areas, but hair loss over the entire scalp is also possible.

“About 90% of all cases are explained by genetic predisposition and hormonal influence,” Dorosh shared with
The doctor added that stress can also affect hair loss. In stressful conditions, spasms of small vessels occur, disrupting the blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles. In this regard, the condition and growth of hair can significantly deteriorate.

In addition, hair deteriorates, becomes thinner and thinner due to deficiencies of protein, vitamins and microelements.

“Other common causes of hair loss are severe acute or chronic infections, scalp injuries, taking certain medications, degenerative processes, and environmental factors,” the expert warned.
The specialist advised to be examined in cases where hair loss occurs. Sometimes it turns out to be a marker of internal disorders, problems with the thyroid gland. It would be best to determine the root cause.

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