Doctor Belenkov: oversalting food makes a person susceptible to stroke and dementia

Cardiologist Yuri Belenkov: the habit of adding salt to food, which persists for years, increases the risk of dangerous vascular pathologies.

Doctor Belenkov warned Russians that the manner of adding salt to food is one of the most harmful eating habits. Constant oversalting of food makes a person susceptible to stroke and dementia, as well as other diseases that are associated with vascular damage.

“Increased salt consumption stimulates the development of arterial hypertension, which in turn leads to dangerous consequences, in particular to stroke “, said academician Belenkov on the set of the program “About the Most Important Thing.”
He added that those vascular abnormalities that occur in hypertensive patients can have a detrimental effect on the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. Among the dangerous consequences of salt abuse, which increases people's blood pressure, are renal failure, thrombosis and ischemia, and dementia.

“Salt abuse often leads to the development of vascular dementia,” the cardiologist postulated.
What symptoms may say that a person abuses salt.

Thirst. A constant desire to drink and drinking large amounts of water are characteristic symptoms of excess salt consumption.

Weak taste food.
When a person gets used to eating a lot of salt, usually salted food may seem bland to him.

Swelling.If you overuse salt, swelling may worsen towards the end of the day. In particular, the limbs swell.

Muscle pain. People who abuse salt often experience muscle pain.

Irritability. Excess salt has a detrimental effect on the peripheral nervous system – the body can signal this with outbursts of anger and increased irritability.

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Yuri Belenkov Yuri Belenkov Health cardiologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences