Dermatologist Fileva: hair can fall out due to a lack of protein and iron, as well as due to cancer

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Dermatologist Alexandra Fileva: in the case of cancer, drugs for its treatment often negatively affect the condition of the hair.

Dermatologist Fileva explained in an interview why they can hair falling out. The specialist noted that an unbalanced diet often contributes to this. For example, hair may fall out due to a lack of protein and iron. A lack of healthy fats, such as omega-3, in the diet also has a bad effect on their condition. Vitamins A and D, zinc, biotin are also important for hair health, and their deficiency can make hair thinner.

In addition, hair can fall out due to cancer.

“The condition of the hair is negatively affected not by the tumor itself, but by the drugs used to treat it,” Fileva noted, talking with “Doctor Peter.”
The dermatologist added, that provocateurs of excessive hair loss, among other things, are nervous strain and stress. These conditions are accompanied by hormonal disorders: more hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol enter the blood, worsening blood circulation in the scalp. The consequence of this process is more intense hair loss.

Another enemy is seborrheic dermatitis. In his case, excess sebum production occurs, which contributes to the development of seborrheic alopecia with its characteristic itching, pain and dandruff.

Improper care, aggressive procedures using strong chemicals and heat can also harm the hair and provoke hair loss.

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