Dermatologist Andryan: lack of quality sleep makes the face puffy and pasty

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Dermatologist, cosmetologist Knara Andryan: lack of sleep affects hormonal balance, which is reflected in the condition of the face.

Doctor- dermatologist Andryan warned that people who regularly lack quality sleep are subject to accelerated aging. A lack of quality sleep makes the face puffy and pasty, and the skin prone to acne, the specialist noted.

“The quality of sleep is no less important than the quantity, so working at night and sleeping during the day will negatively affect the condition of the skin. In particular, blueness may appear under the eyes, the face will become swollen and pasty,” Knara Andryan spoke about this in an interview with RT.
The dermatologist explained that falling asleep too late, being active at night and lack of a full night's sleep increase the risk of hormonal disorders in the body, which causes skin problems. In particular, lack of sleep leads to latent hypothyroidism and abnormalities in the morning production of thyroid hormones. According to the doctor, gland hormones directly affect the production of cortisol, pituitary and adrenal hormones. An imbalance of some entails an imbalance of others. The consequence of this is processes that worsen the condition of the skin and make the face puffy.

“Many problems with health and excess weight can be solved with quality sleep,” the dermatologist emphasized.
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