Curved back: how to get rid of back pain due to improper sitting

Curved back: how to get rid of back pain due to improper sitting

Anyone who sits a lot and for long periods of time in everyday life can expect back pain or even poor posture in long term. Study reveals a technique you can use to correct your posture while sitting.

5.3 million people worldwide die each year due to sitting too much.< br>
“But even those who don’t die from it have to reckon with the health consequences: lack of exercise and back pain are just two examples of negative consequences,” says general practitioner Elena Alexandrova specially for MedicForum.
To realize own bad posture, scientists proposed a simple experiment. Therefore, you should sit slouched in front of the screen for about 30 seconds to consciously improve your posture afterwards.

More stress from sitting incorrectly

“If you are in a tall and upright position, your back muscles can easily support the weight of your head and neck. It weighs about 5.4 kilograms in an optimal sitting position. But if you tilted your head forward, for example, 45 degrees, the neck would become a kind of long lever – and the load would increase several times.”

Get out of bad posture

You can Correct your bad posture very quickly. You should intentionally move into a weight-bearing flexed position repeatedly to become more aware of proper posture.

“If necessary, the change can even be slightly exaggerated. Anyone who feels the symptoms can become aware of the slouching and stop it. The researchers came up with this experiment during a study among college students.”
87 Participants must first sit up straight and turn their heads to both sides, later they should tilt their head forward and do the same. Result: 92 percent of students could no longer turn their heads as well as before.

In another experiment, 125 students were asked to remain in a bent position for a full 30 seconds. Afterwards, 98 percent reported feeling pain in their head, neck or eyes.

“Researchers stress that experiments like these, which demonstrate the effects of poor posture, are more beneficial than constant reminders to sit up straight.”

It helps with back pain at the office

< br>If you have a strained back at the office, these four exercises can help quickly by relaxing the muscles and relaxing the tissues, 

1. Let your shoulders circle

Place your fingertips on your shoulders and draw large circles in the air with your elbows. As you inhale, raise your arms forward and up, and as you exhale, take them far back.

2. Seated stretching

While sitting, cross your left leg over your right and place your right hand on the outside of your left knee. Hang your left arm loosely over the back of the seat. Now pull your left knee to the right and turn your upper body and head towards your left hand. Hold for a few seconds, then switch sides.

3. Stretch everything once

Stand up straight and alternately reach towards the ceiling with both hands, as if picking apples. This stretches your back. To increase it, you can stand on the balls of your toes.

4. Open the chest

In this exercise, you stand straight and raise your arms at an angle. Now move both arms back at the same time. After holding this position for a few seconds, extend your arms forward again and repeat.

“If you want to further enhance the effect, you can leave one hand hanging and the other pressed against the door frame in the position just mentioned.”

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