Cardiologist Polenova: latent diabetes can trigger an unexpected heart attack

Cardiologist Natalya Polenova: the presence of certain diseases may indicate a tendency to develop myocardial infarction.

Very often, a heart attack that occurs in a person looks like a completely unexpected, sudden event. Cardiologist Polenova said: although it is impossible to accurately predict the onset of myocardial infarction, it is possible to understand how high its risk is. The doctor noted that some chronic diseases make a person more susceptible to heart attack, since in their case pathological changes occur in blood vessels and circulatory processes. The same latent diabetes can provoke an unexpected (at first glance) heart attack.

“To avoid a heart attack, you need to pay attention to risk factors, such as the presence of diabetes, obesity and arterial hypertension,” said Natalya Polenova FederalPress agency.
The cardiologist added that it is necessary for an adult to see a doctor and check the condition of the heart if pain occurs in the chest – it may well be a signal of a pre-infarction condition or even an incipient heart attack.

“If pain in the chest occurs, you should definitely do an ECG.” , – the expert emphasized.
The cardiologist clarified that in the event of a heart attack, chest pain manifests itself in paroxysms and is relieved after taking nitroglycerin.

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