Biologist Sozykin: drinking alcohol in a bathhouse can cause a heart attack

visiting the bathhouse
Biologist Alexander Sozykin: alcohol consumed in a steam room can put too much strain on the heart.

Biologist Sozykin warned in a conversation with “ Izvestia” that drinking alcohol in a bathhouse can cause a heart attack. Taking it can lead to vascular spasm, and the need to break down alcohol in such an environment seriously increases the load on the body.

“Drinking alcohol while vaping is strictly contraindicated: it puts additional stress on the heart. The temperature difference will cause a sharp spasm of the coronary arteries supplying blood to the myocardium, and can provoke a heart attack,” Sozykin clarified.
The biologist added that for the heart of a person who decides to take a steam bath, all actions that contribute to the fact that the body begins to feel are potentially dangerous. temperature difference. This is especially harmful for those who have chronic diseases, including diabetes and pathologies of the endocrine, urinary, cardiovascular systems, and joint problems.

In addition to alcohol, other people's brooms pose a threat to the body and health in the bathhouse. Sozykin noted that a bath broom should be personal, used purely individually.

“Microorganisms and particles of dirt infected by them, toxins from the surface of another person’s skin that can cause skin and allergic diseases remain on the surface of someone else’s broom,” he warned specialist.
Earlier, the portal wrote that children's champagne can be poisonous for some people.

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Alexander Sozykin Alexander Sozykin Health Associate Professor of the Department of Physiology, Human Ecology and Biomedical Knowledge of the State University of Education