Biologist Baranova: washing meat before cooking does not clean it of pests

Biologist Ekaterina Baranova: washing meat to disinfect it is a pointless process.

Biologist Baranova stated that fresh meat of good quality does not need washing before cooking. If anyone thinks that the product can be disinfected in this way, they are mistaken, the specialist emphasized. The biologist explained that washing meat before cooking does not clear it of pests, since they are concentrated not on its surface, but in the deeper layers.

“Helminths and pests are all inside. If there are toxicants there, they will also be inside, so there is no point in washing it,” said Ekaterina Baranova.
The specialist drew attention to the fact that raw meat can become covered with a bacterial film during storage. Such a film must be cut off before cooking – attempts to wash it off with water are also pointless.

“If the meat was lying somewhere and bacteria got on the surface, and there are a lot of proteins and fat on the surface, then bacterial films of toxic compounds grow there. Then we need to cut off these pieces,” the biologist clarified.
By the way, do you need to wash the eggs? Yes. Before cooking, it is recommended to wash them in soapy water, and also thoroughly wash the utensils that were used. True, this does not protect against salmonella; bacteria penetrate inside the product.

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