8 doctor's tips that will lower your cholesterol: “your heart will thank you”

8 Doctor's Tips That Will Lower Your Cholesterol:

Slight diet changes can lower cholesterol and keep your heart healthy, according to an expert.

Improper lifestyle choices can lead to higher cholesterol levels, which means bad news for your risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and strokes.

A diet rich in from saturated fat to lack of physical activity—there are many factors you can control.

Changing your diet is one way to prevent the waxy substance from building up in your arteries. The doctor shared eight settings that can make this happen with pleasure.

1. Eat More Plant-Based Foods

Adopting a plant-based diet may be an easy way to eliminate cholesterol from your diet, says a cardiologist.

“Plant-based foods have no cholesterol, hence a vegan diet.” does not contain cholesterol,” says cardiologist Oleg Varfolomeev specifically for MedicForum.
Moreover, a plant-based diet is also not devoid of variety among nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

2. Oatmeal for breakfast

Packed with soluble fiber, oats can help lower levels of “bad” cholesterol by regulating the absorption of the waxy substance from the bloodstream.

“A 50-gram serving contains nearly five grams of fiber, and this can be increased by adding dried fruit, nuts, banana or berries, and soy milk.”

3. Choose whole grain products

From brown rice to quinoa, from whole wheat bread to whole grain pasta, whole grains can also lower your cholesterol levels thanks to the fiber they contain.

“Simply replace refined white bread, rice and pasta with healthier whole grain varieties,” says cardiologist.

4. Avoid trans fats and limit saturated fats

Saturated and trans fats, hidden in butter, sausages, coconut oil, cookies and other ultra-processed foods, stimulate the body's production of cholesterol.

“You can still eat a cake or some cookies every now and then, but try to limit your intake of these unhealthy fats.”

5. Keep your finger on the pulse

Rich in protein and other nutrients, legumes such as peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas are another “miracle” food for lowering cholesterol levels.

As in oats and whole grains, their fiber content helps control fiber levels.

6. Be sure to get five servings of vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are naturally very low in fat and rich in cholesterol-lowering fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can promote good heart health.

“So, make sure you get at least five grand a day—the more the better!”

7. Go crazy for nuts

According to numerous studies, small, crunchy foods can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as improve the balance of fats in the blood.

That's why Butler recommended eating a small handful of mixed nuts, including Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios per day.

8. Love Soy

Just 25 grams of soy protein a day, rich in fiber, unsaturated fat and a range of vitamins and minerals, can lower cholesterol.

“You can get this from 100 grams of tofu, 200 – a milliliter glass of soy milk and one soy yogurt.”
He recommended combining all these dietary changes with regular exercise.

“And your heart will thank you,” the cardiologist added.

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Important! Information provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.