7 foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach – gastroenterologist

7 foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach - gastroenterologist

Even if you have an excellent appetite, you should not eat any food on an empty stomach. Find out here how to avoid stress on your gastrointestinal tract.

For many people, a healthy and balanced breakfast is the foundation of a good day. But what does healthy and balanced mean?

Complex carbohydrates that fill you up, protein that gives you strength, and fiber are a good start.

Avoid raw vegetables

Raw food is considered healthy – and it's true: it contains vitamins, fiber and minerals.

“However, this is not at all recommended as a breakfast. The stomach may rebel, because raw vegetables are extremely demanding on digestion,” says gastroenterologist Alexandra Alisova especially for MedicForum.
Therefore, flatulence is inevitable for many people, but eating raw on an empty stomach is particularly stressful.

The Breakfast Trap: Yogurt

Yogurt with fruit actually sounds like a good breakfast. That's because it doesn't cause any direct discomfort—at least not unless you have particularly sensitive digestion.

However, yogurt on an empty stomach is only partially beneficial. Reason: The beneficial lactic acid bacteria found in yogurt are not absorbed properly on an empty stomach.

“Instead, aggressive stomach acid kills all the good stuff before it gets to the intestines.”

Don't eat bananas on an empty stomach

Bananas do provide important nutrients to the body, but they should not be eaten on an empty stomach.
Bananas, like other foods containing glucose, cause an increase in blood sugar levels. After a while it quickly falls again.

“The result is that you often have to fight food cravings for the rest of the day.”

Don't drink orange juice in the morning

First of all, a big glass of orange juice for breakfast? Sounds great, but it's not on an empty stomach.

“The acid in citrus fruits can cause heartburn.”
The exception is lemon water, since the juice in it is highly diluted with water.

Yeast Bread Products

It is tempting to leave freshly baked bread, snacks or muffins out of the oven. Unfortunately, eating breakfast too often can lead to health problems such as abdominal pain and gas in the stomach.

“The reason for this is the yeast that is part of these products.”

Carbonated drinks

In general, doctors do not recommend not drinking carbonated drinks at all. If you still cannot do without them, at least avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Their defeat is associated with discomfort in the stomach, irritation of the gastric mucosa, decreased blood circulation and increased blood sugar levels, difficulty digestion.

Sweets and chocolate

It is extremely harmful to health to start your day with sweets and chocolate.

“Your pancreas cannot produce the amount of insulin needed to produce that much sugar on an empty stomach. This can upset the body's acid-base balance.”

Instead, carry them with you to work and consume them when you feel a lack of energy.

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