Winston Churchill's gold dentures sold at auction

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's gold-plated World War II partial dentures sold at auction for £18,000 (just over $22,000).

Winston's golden dentures Churchill sold at auction

The upper false teeth, which are one of several sets, were made to improve Churchill's congenital sigmatism (lisp) and were reportedly so important to him that he always carried two pairs with him. Churchill suffered from dental problems for most of his life. Already at the age of 20, he lost several teeth.

A gold-framed upper partial denture designed for Sir Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill's gold dentures sold at auction1

The set of dentures was made around the beginning of the war, when Churchill was 65 years old. Dr Wilfred Fish, the first President of the General Dental Council in 1956, designed the dentures and his technician Derek Cudlipp made them. It is believed that at least three identical sets of false teeth were made by Cudlipp for Churchill. Churchill required several sets of dentures in case they broke. The statesman was known to bite and break them when he was angry. Derek's son Nigel Cudlipp said his father was contacted at all hours of the day and night to have his dentures repaired or Churchill fitted with a new pair. One set of dentures is believed to be buried with the inspirational leader, according to the company.

In 2011, a set of gold false teeth that belonged to Churchill was auctioned for more than $25,000 by Nigel Cudlipp.