Nordics – professional, innovative and quality oral care

We develop organic and natural products with sustainable and recyclable packaging. Every year we donate % of the income to the Surfrider foundation Europe charity fund. This is a special organization dedicated to cleaning up plastic from the seas, oceans and beaches around the world.

Nordics - professional, innovative and quality oral care

All Nordics products comply with the Clean Label standard: they have been tested in laboratories, received IVF and Vegan certificates.

Nordics products are represented in more than seven countries around the world. Among our buyers, the following are in the greatest demand: jpg” alt=”Nordics – professional, innovative and quality oral care1″ />

– Organic Complete PRO Paste with Xylitol. It has anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties thanks to xylitol, as well as extracts of sage and aloe in the composition. Pomegranate extract will help remove plaque and keep your smile white. An ideal option for those who prefer high-quality professional oral care at home without unnecessary ingredients in the composition.

—Tooth Premium adult toothbrushes. The line includes 8 shades. The ergonomic handle is made of PLA plastic and the bristles are made of premium nylon. The compact surface has 6,580 bristles, which is three times the size of conventional toothbrushes. That is why our brush cleans your teeth more thoroughly and more effectively.

Nordics - professional, innovative and quality oral care2

Parodent rinse. It strengthens the gums, promotes the removal of bacteria and prevents the development of periodontitis. It contains calcium lactate, which causes gum pockets to close and thereby stop bleeding.

Nordics - professional, innovative and quality oral care3

baby pastes. The line includes three flavors: Bubble Gum (with added calcium and vitamin D), Strawberry Splash (with SymReboot OC probiotic), Orange and Clementine (with calcium lactate). All baby toothpastes do not contain fluoride.

Nordics - professional, innovative and quality oral care4

Premium 4080 children's toothbrushes. Their pen is made of PLA plastic and does not contain harmful ingredients such as BPA. 4080 bristles made of premium quality nylon help to clean teeth thoroughly and painlessly. And the bright design and packaging is the perfect addition to brighten up a boring oral care routine.

Nordics - professional, innovative and high-quality oral care5

Choosing Nordics, you get not only a quality product but also concern for the environment. Nordics is for the smart consumer. For those who want to make the right choice for themselves and their families. For those who read labels, formulations and know what they need. By choosing Nordics, you are taking a step into a conscious life.

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