Doctors named cold cream among effective remedies for skin aging

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In Alexander Myasnikov’s program, cosmetologist Natalia Nikolaeva spoke about available anti-aging products, including cosmetics.

Doctors reported that bacteria help effectively fight skin aging – skin with a good microbiome, which is something like a film of microorganisms on its surface, remains young longer.

“There is a version that it depends on how this microbiome functions depends on the smoothness and tone of the skin, as well as its ability to retain moisture,” noted Dr. Myasnikov.
Cosmetologist Nikolaeva added that the bacteria that provide the skin with a beautiful youthful appearance live on the surface with a developed water-lipid mantle, whose base is sebum, remnants of horny substances, and sweat. This composition allows the mantle to provide an acidic environment, optimally suitable for bacteria, which prevents the skin from aging quickly.

In addition, cosmetics help maintain the mantle in the form necessary for bacteria. Doctors named cold cream, which is applied to the skin after washing, as an effective remedy for skin aging.

“After washing, the robe is removed and must be restored. This is facilitated by tonics, thermal water, sprays. They help restore the acidic environment. And you also need to apply the right skincare products. Cold cream becomes an excellent product for those with dry or normal skin,” explained Nikolaeva.
The cosmetologist also considers products with antioxidants to be “working” anti-aging cosmetics. For example, creams or serums with vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, coenzyme Q10.

In addition, to prolong youth it is important not to smoke and protect it from the sun.

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