You should avoid drinking alcohol on a plane, especially if you plan to sleep there – new study

Many passengers, struggling with aerophobia or just in the mood, can drink beer, wine or even strong alcohol on board the plane, which is distributed or sold by flight attendants. And then – fall asleep sweetly, waiting for the end of the flight. According to a new study, that's not such a good idea. 

You should avoid alcohol on a plane, especially if you are going to sleep there - new research 4689

Aircraft flying at an altitude of about 2,438 meters are hypobaric, meaning the air pressure and oxygen levels in the cabin are lower than on the ground. And if you combine this fact with alcohol consumption and sleep, then, according to scientists, a person is likely to develop health problems. 

For the study, a special atmospheric environment was created that simulated an airplane flight. Over two nights, 48 ​​healthy adults slept for four hours in two different conditions – once without alcohol and once after drinking the equivalent of two glasses of wine or cans of beer.

The study found that those who slept after drinking alcohol had lower oxygen levels and increased heart rate.

“The combination of alcohol consumption and hypobaric sleep places significant stress on the cardiac system and may exacerbate symptoms in patients with heart or lung disease,” the researchers said.

The researchers also looked closely at the participants' sleep quality.The study found thatREM sleep, a stage of rapid eye movement that may be important for brain recovery, was shorter in people who drank alcohol. The discovery is not a surprise, scientists say. Alcohol may indeed help you fall asleep, but the quality of your sleep will not be the best.