When preparing barbecue, there is a risk of contracting tetanus. What to do if you hurt yourself with a skewer?

As doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov warned, when preparing barbecue there is a risk of contracting tetanus.

When threading meat on skewers, you can get hurt. This is not a harmless injury at all.

—It’s painful, it’s unpleasant, and most importantly, people die from tetanus. If you have such a wound, you should go to the hospital instead of barbecue– noted Myasnikov.

Having been injured by a skewer, you can easily catch tetanus – a dangerous infection, the development of which leads to death.

As emergency physician Andrei Olshevsky said in an interview with, in nature skewers are often placed on the grass and even stuck into the ground. What is the mortal danger? In the ground there are spores of the bacterium Clostridium tetani, which causes tetanus.

Tetanus is a dangerous infectious disease caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. The bacterium can enter the body through a wound or damaged skin. Symptoms of tetanus include muscle cramps and spasms, especially around the jaw (tetanic spasm), difficulty swallowing, neck stiffness, fever and sweating.

If you get cut, Olszewski says, you should wash the wound with water, apply antiseptics, and If necessary, apply a bandage and be sure to go to the emergency room.

Otherwise, complications may develop, including heart attack and spinal deformity. Infection can end in death.

— Most often, death occurs from a lack of oxygen, when the muscles contract so that a person cannot even take a breath, the doctor emphasized.

Bacteria can enter the body through even minor scratches, but deep wounds from nails or blades are especially dangerous. Tetanus bacteria are everywhere: they are often found in soil, dust and manure.

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