The nutritionist called the main enemy of any diet. It's monosodium glutamate

According to nutritionist Elena Solomatina, monosodium glutamate, which is used as a flavor enhancer, is the main enemy of any diet.

—Even the smell of fried barbecue encourages us to eat more than usual. And sausages, fast food and chips are stuffed with this flavor enhancer. I advise you to avoid this salt and reduce its consumption as much as possible,, she noted.
Drinks can also cause a strong appetite, the medic added.

Excessive consumption of foods with flavor enhancers provokes not only overeating, leading to obesity, but can also cause allergy attacks and digestive disorders.

Monosodium glutamate is a flavoring agent that can give a meaty taste to any product. In pursuit of profit, manufacturers improve their products in chemical laboratories.

According to some studies, when monosodium glutamate is added to foods, consumption increases in general, that is, a person is not satiated and eats much more than he should. Many note that fast food, literally stuffed with flavor enhancers, knocks down appetite for a very short time.

In addition, monosodium glutamate is addictive, and children are the first to suffer from addiction. Doctors have been saying for several years that the world is experiencing a real epidemic of obesity, including childhood obesity. Previously, overweight children were rare, but over the years there are more and more of them.

– The main task of any manufacturer, from the manufacturer of meat, sausage, potatoes, chips, is for you to buy it once, try it – and then buy a second, third, fourth. It is desirable that you get hooked on this, as they say, so that it enters your permanent assortment, – noted the famous nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov.
How to understand what monosodium glutamate is in food?

Natural glutamate may not taste good if it is present only as an amino acid in a protein. When fried or boiled, protein breaks down, and then glutamate is released, giving the food a special taste. Monosodium glutamate itself has no taste. Its property is to enhance the taste of other products.

It must be remembered that glutamic acid is naturally synthesized in the body, participating in the metabolism and functioning of the nervous system. It also enters the body with almost any protein food: meat, milk, nuts, some vegetables, such as tomatoes. Artificial glutamate is produced by fermentation.

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