Specialist Sozykin: ice cream in the heat leads to spasm of the mucous membrane and rapid sore throat

ice cream
It is dangerous to consume ice cream in hot weather due to spasms of the mucous membrane. Biologist Alexander Sozykin spoke about this.

“In the heat, you should never overcool the mucous membrane,” he warned.

If you eat ice cream in hot weather, a strong temperature drop occurs, which is why the mucous membrane receives severe local hypothermia and vasospasm. The tonsils are under stress, and, as is known, it is in them that most of the protective cells – leukocytes – are formed.

There is always opportunistic microflora in the mouth, but it is not dangerous to a healthy person, because its reproduction is inhibited by immune cells. When the tonsils are stressed, pathogenic microflora begins to multiply rapidly, penetrates the mucous membrane into the blood, causing various diseases.

With sudden hypothermia, the tonsils increase the formation of leukocytes, they themselves become larger, swell, this causes pain. 

“Here you have a quick sore throat, and various viral diseases,” Sozykin noted.

In addition, with a sharp cooling of the upper palate at a time when the body is very overheated due to the heat, a spasm of cerebral vessels may occur, which can cause a severe headache.

Let us recall the symptoms of a sore throat:

1. Sore throat: it can be sharp and get worse when swallowing.

2. Inflammation of the tonsils can cause discomfort and difficulty swallowing food and liquids.

3. Swollen tonsils.

4. Tonsillitis is accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature – above 38 degrees Celsius.

5. With tonsillitis, general weakness, fatigue and malaise often occur.

6. Pain in muscles and joints.

7. Enlarged lymph nodes.

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