Nutritionist Shpak on food compatibility: improperly digested food is stored in fat

Dietitian, nutritionist Nadezhda Shpak said that poorly digested food makes digestion difficult, and its remains cause rotting processes in the gastrointestinal tract. If you combine foods correctly, then all food is properly absorbed and is not stored as fat.

It is important to take care of the compatibility of products, since the body secretes different enzymes for each type.

—Ingredients from each group are processed by a separate type of gastric juice, which has its own acidity levels. Digesting each type of food also requires a different amount of time, noted specialist RG.

So, meat takes up to four hours to process, and fresh fruits – half an hour.

Different foods are absorbed in different parts of the digestive tract. Protein processing is completed in the intestines, and bread releases nutrients in the oral cavity.

Several principles of correct combination of products:

1. Consider digestion time: Different foods have different digestion times. For example, fruits are digested quickly, but proteins are digested slowly. It is recommended to eat fruits separately from protein foods to avoid food retention in the stomach.

2. Combine proteins with vegetables. Proteins, such as meat, fish or cottage cheese, are best consumed with vegetables (not potatoes), as they help absorb proteins and improve digestion.

3. Avoid combining carbohydrates with proteins. Combining carbohydrates and proteins (meat and potatoes, dumplings) can slow down digestion and cause unnecessary processes in the stomach. It is recommended to use them separately.

4. Combine carbohydrates with vegetables. Carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice or bread, are best eaten with vegetables, as they contain fiber and help food digest.

5. Consider product compatibility. Some foods may be incompatible with each other and cause digestive problems. For example, fruits and milk are not recommended to be consumed together.

6. Eat food in reasonable proportions: It is important to maintain balance and moderation in your diet. Eat a variety of foods to get all the necessary nutrients.

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