Nutritionist Pisareva named three useless and five most useful cereals for people over 50 years old

According to dietitian, nutritionist Irina Pisareva, people over 50 years old should not include semolina porridge, white rice porridge and instant oatmeal in their regular diet.

Semolina is made from finely ground wheat, it does not contain fiber.

—It is not recommended for people over 50 years of age. It can be included in children’s diets because it is quickly absorbed,” Pisareva told Vechernaya Moskva.

White rice porridge has a high glycemic index (GI), it is too high in calories and increases blood sugar levels. Instant oatmeal should generally be called a fast-carbohydrate dessert.

Healthy porridges are those that take a long time to prepare. The nutritionist identifies the top 5 cereals for people over 50:

Buckwheat. It's about copper, which is necessary for the absorption of iron.
Wild rice. Lots of potassium, low glycemic index.
Oated oats (which needs to be boiled). Multi-fiber, satiates for a long time.
Perlovka. Low in calories, high in protein, fiber, rich in B vitamins and potassium.
Quinoa. Multivitamin B, folic acid, copper and potassium.

Scientists have given advice on how to prolong your youth:

Get enough sleep
Get examined
Keep an eye on your intestinal microflora
Increase brain efficiency

As MedicForum wrote, according to dermatologist Nana Nosareva, flaxseed porridge contains a large amount of alpha-linolenic acid, which is very necessary for the natural radiance of the skin.

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