Nutritionist Mukhina: the cause of strong cravings for sweets may be a lack of chromium. What should you eat?

According to nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina, in order to get rid of cravings for sadkom, you need to slightly change your diet and choose the right replacement for sweets and cakes.

The doctor advises paying attention to foods rich in chromium. These are whole grain cereals, cheese, nuts. We are also talking about eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, lean meat, and offal.

Beef liver contains 32 mcg of chromium, egg – 25 mcg, and turkey – 11 mcg. Of the plant products, chromium is highest in hazelnuts (170 mcg) and Brazil nuts (100 mcg).

A useful replacement for sweets and cakes is fresh and dried fruits, berries, candied fruits.

“Then it will be easier to give up sucrose, because the person will not feel disadvantaged,” the specialist noted.

Irresistible cravings for sweets can be triggered by surges in blood sugar. To avoid this, you should eat small meals five times a day. This way, glucose will remain at a normal level.

The reason for the craving for sweets may be the presence of parasites in the body, Mukhina emphasized. The parasites “excrete substances that force a person to eat sweets,” she said.

How can you tell if you don’t have enough chromium in your body?

  • constant strong thirst;
  • headaches, dizziness;
  • absent-mindedness, anxiety;
  • decreased sensitivity of the limbs;
  • sleep problems;
  • long healing of wounds.

Chromium deficiency can occur for various reasons:

  • unbalanced diet.
  • presence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract system.
  • pregnancy.
  • older age.
  • taking laxatives and diuretics.
  • excessive physical and emotional stress.

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