Neurologist Zavalina: for some types of headaches, analgesics can trigger daily attacks

As neurologist Tatyana Zavalina said, headaches can be primary and secondary. In the first case, it is a disease in itself, in the second, it is a symptom of many other diseases.

— “Currently, more than 200 types of headaches have been described,” the doctor noted to Gazeta.Ru.

“The leaders among primary pain are migraine and tension headache. Migraine affects 14% of the world's population. 

Tension headache is associated with tension in the muscles of the skull, it occurs in connection with fatigue, exhaustion, prolonged immobility (for example, when working at a computer).

There are many other types of headaches, they are signs of other diseases.

The neurologist advises not to endure pain, but also not to “get carried away” with painkillers. Taking analgesics should be limited to 2 times a week. 

— Since in some types of pain (especially migraine), analgesics can provoke daily attacks, the neurologist warned.

Let us recall the symptoms of migraine:

1. Sharp, throbbing pain in one side of the head.
2. Sensitivity to light, sound or smells.
3. Dizziness or nausea.
4. Visual disturbance such as flickering dots or loss of vision.
5. Fatigue or irritability.

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Important! Information provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.