Gastroenterologist Lebedeva: chewing gum and sucking candies cause aerophagia, which leads to flatulence and belching

Gastroenterologist Dilyara Lebedeva said that a person swallows 2-3 liters of air every day, which then “travels” throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes there is too much of it, and then we talk about aerophagia.

Aerophagia is a functional disorder in which involuntary swallowing of air occurs.

Lebedeva named reasons aerophagia:

  • Neurosis and stress
  • Decreased or excessive salivation (a common problem due to reflux and emotional stress).
  • Eating on the run, overeating, improper chewing of food.
  • Large sips of water when we drink in one gulp.
  • Smoking
  • Rhinitis and sinusitis: mucus in the nasopharynx contributes to bloating

— Chewing gum and sucking candy: they can also be a cause, the doctor noted in her blog.

Excessive amount of air in the stomach leads to discomfort, this is the cause of bloating, flatulence, and belching. The consequences can be serious: peptic ulcer, GERD, stretching and weakening of the cardia.

Treatment for aerophagia may include changing eating habits, avoiding chewing gum and carbonated drinks, and managing stress and anxiety. In some cases, additional medical interventions or consultation with a specialist may be required.

Let us recall the symptoms of bloating:

1. Feeling of tension and discomfort in the abdomen.
2. An increase in the volume of the abdomen or a feeling of its expansion.
3. Feeling of fullness or heaviness in the abdomen.
4. Frequent urge to burp.
5. Pain, colic.
6. Change in appetite or feeling of fullness after a small amount of food.
7. Diarrhea or constipation.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and do not self-medicate under any circumstances. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

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