Doctor Baranova: the main danger of hogweed lies in its juice containing furanocoumarins

Therapist, dermatologist Irina Baranova spoke about the danger of a plant with an aggressive spread – hogweed. Its insidiousness lies in the fact that when touched, a person does not feel a burning or tingling sensation – until a chemical reaction occurs.

The main danger of hogweed lies in its juice, which contains furanocoumarins. When in contact with the skin and under the influence of sunlight, they cause photodermatitis – inflammation of the skin.

It is important to act quickly:

  1. As soon as possible quickly remove the juice from the skin (for example, with a napkin)
  2. Quickly cover the skin with clothing to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  3. Wash the affected area with soap and water as quickly as possible.
  4. li>Take an antiallergic agent (tavegil, suprastin, diazolin)
  5. Protect the affected areas of the skin from the sun for several days.

— Hogweed is a dangerous plant that requires serious treatment and precautions. Understanding its dangers, the ability to recognize the plant and knowing the right actions in case of contact will help protect you and your loved ones, — the doctor noted in her blog.

The affected area can be very large, and the excruciating burning sometimes begins a day after a person has been in the sun. Ulcerated surfaces do not heal for a very long time, leaving dark spots in the shape of a leaf.

Symptoms of burn damage by hogweed:

  • The appearance of itching, redness and swelling on the skin.
  • Blisters, blisters that can appear instantly, and may appear after a few hours.
  • Increasing swelling with subsequent impairment of joint mobility.
  • Doctors note that pollen and other aerosol particles of hogweed cause severe irritation of the larynx, which can be accompanied by vomiting and nausea . 

A long stay in the thickets of this plant is only allowed while wearing a mask, otherwise a person may become dizzy and even lose consciousness.

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Irina Baranova Irina Baranova Medicine General practitioner, dermatologist, Ph.D.