Carrots have powerful anti-cancer effects. How much should you eat for prevention?

Eating carrots three times a week increases levels of carotenoids, which can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Scientists at Samford University reported this.

As Health News writes, the four-week study involved 60 people divided into three groups. 

The first group was given an apple as a snack (control group), the second group was given young carrots (100 grams). The third group took a dietary supplement with beta-carotene, the fourth took young carrots and a dietary supplement (multivitamin) at the same time.

Scientists assessed the level of carotenoids in the skin of volunteers before and after the tests. It turned out that three servings of baby carrots per week contributed to a significant increase in the concentration of carotenoids in the skin. Combining carrots with the dietary supplement increased the levels of these phytonutrients.

Carotenoids are the phytonutrients that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors—red, orange, and yellow. High levels of carotenoids are associated with increased antioxidant defense of the body, scientists note.

To reduce the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases, it is worth increasing the consumption of carrots.

As nutritionist Ksenia Glinka noted earlier, despite the many beneficial properties of carrots, its consumption is undesirable for people with liver problems. 

“This is because the liver plays a key role in processing the carotene found in carrots and converting it into vitamin A. If the liver is not functioning properly, it may not be able to cope with this process, leading to a buildup of carotene in the body, causing carotenemia, in which the skin acquires a yellowish tint, says the specialist.

Carrots in reasonable quantities are good for the health of blood vessels and joints, as well as skin, hair and nails.

Carrots are positive acts on the brain, protects against depression, mood swings, increases resistance to stress.

It is good to chew carrots for healthy gums and the prevention of periodontal disease.

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