Cardiologist Ivanov: talk about giving up butter, eggs, sour cream is “great stupidity”

As therapist and cardiologist Konstantin Ivanov noted, talk about the fact that in order to reduce blood cholesterol levels it is necessary to give up butter, eggs, and sour cream is “great nonsense.”– Therefore, all the talk that to reduce cholesterol you need to give up butter, eggs, sour cream is great stupidity. By the way, eggs contain a lot of choline, which removes “bad” cholesterol, noted the cardiologist.

How are cholesterol and atherosclerosis related? Directly: high levels of cholesterol in the blood can become one of the risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis.

When cholesterol levels in the blood rise, it can begin to accumulate on the inner walls of the arteries, forming fatty deposits called atherosclerotic plaques. These deposits grow and harden over time, resulting in narrowed or blocked blood flow.

Controlling blood cholesterol levels and maintaining them at optimal levels is important to preventing atherosclerosis and related complications.

General signs of atherosclerosis:

1. Chest pain: This can be caused by narrow or blocked arteries in the heart, leading to a lack of blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle. This condition is called angina and can manifest itself as a feeling of pressure, squeezing or burning in the chest.

2. Shortness of breath: Narrow or blocked arteries, especially those leading to the lungs, can cause difficulty breathing and a feeling of shortness of breath.

3. Leg Pain: Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities can lead to leg pain when walking or doing physical activity. Usually manifests as pain or a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

4. Vision Problems: Blocked arteries that supply blood to the eyes can cause vision problems, including blurriness, loss of visual field, or even loss of vision.

5. Problems with memory and concentration: Atherosclerosis in the vessels leading to the brain can cause problems with memory, concentration and cognitive function.

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