“There is no norm.” Nutritionist Kabanov called lemonades the most harmful sweetness in the summer

Nutritionist Alexey Kabanov told which popular summer sweets are the most harmful to the body.

Nutritionist Kabanov noted that various lemonades are among the most popular cooling types of sweets in the summer. The expert stated that it is these carbonated drinks that are the most harmful sweets in the summer.

The doctor explained that the danger of lemonades is due to their extremely high sugar content. Its dosage in such drinks can significantly exceed the amount of sugar in “hard” desserts. Moreover, in liquid form and supplemented with carbonation, sugar from lemonades is absorbed almost instantly, provoking fluctuations in blood glucose levels and intense release of insulin – a provocateur of increased fat deposition.

“Lemonades are the most harmful summer sweet. The sugar content in one jar (330 milliliters) exceeds the daily intake of sugar for an adult,” Kabanov warned in a comment to
The nutritionist emphasized that there is no healthy consumption limit for sweet soda – it is harmful in any quantity. The combination of large amounts of sugar and gas negatively affects the health of the gastrointestinal tract, worsens the condition of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, contributes to overload and inflammation of the pancreas.

Kabanov also advised not to get carried away with ice cream in the summer.

“Ice cream is too sweet a product that also exceeds all conceivable sugar standards. In addition, it contains too much saturated fat from dairy products,” the specialist warned.
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Alexey Kabanov Alexey Kabanov Healthy lifestyle nutritionist-consultant, deputy director of the ANO Scientific Research Center “Healthy Nutrition”