Scientist Eremin: daily aerobic exercise helps slow down the aging of the body

Candidate of Medical Sciences Ilya Eremin: a person’s lifestyle plays a key role in prolonging his youth.

Scientist Eremin stated that it is indeed possible to slow down the aging of the body . Today science is well aware that life expectancy is closely related to the size of telomeres (parts of chromosomes).

“The achievements of modern medicine and comprehensive programs make it possible to slow down biological aging for up to eight years, and in some cases – up to fifteen,” noted Ilya Eremin in a commentary to
Also, the scientist note that there are affordable methods , helping to age more slowly. In particular, this is facilitated by daily aerobic exercise – it should be at least 30 minutes. One of the easiest ways to prolong youth, the scientific expert called walking with intense steps.

Eremin added that the aging process, like many other aspects of human health, is affected by the intestines – the pace of aging depends on its condition. In the absence of contraindications, the consumption of fermented foods and foods rich in fiber usually has a good effect on the functioning of the intestines.

“Intermittent fasting, in which you are allowed to eat for eight hours, and the rest of the day you need to abstain from eating, can also slow down aging, and barotherapy,” shared the candidate of science.
Earlier, the portal wrote that after 40 years you need to minimize the consumption of bread and sugar, and also eat less red meat, endocrinologist Ekaterina Volkova spoke about this.

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