Oncologist Timofeeva explained in which case sugar increases the risk of cancer

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Oncologist Ekaterina Timofeeva: a spoonful of sugar a day eaten by a person who leads an active lifestyle and is not obese will not harm his health.
< br>Oncologist Timofeeva explained in which case sugar increases the risk of cancer. The doctor said that sugar consumption does not have a direct effect on the occurrence of tumors, but indirectly affects it, contributing to the development of obesity. That is, sugar can “help” cancer appear if a person abuses it, is overweight and leads a sedentary lifestyle. In people who are physically inactive, have a sedentary profession, or do not engage in sports, regularly consumed sugar can become a factor in metabolic disorders and excessive accumulation of adipose tissue, which is associated with inflammatory processes and tumors.

“Sugar indirectly increases the risk of several types of cancer. For those people who regularly drink sugary drinks and are overweight, the risk of certain types of cancer increases by more than 50 percent,” the specialist stated.
In turn, a moderate portion of sugar eaten with some foods by a physically active person , will not cause serious harm to his body, oncologist Timofeeva told FederalPress.

The doctor emphasized that obesity (in many cases resulting from the combined factor of calorie surplus and lack of physical activity) is a trigger for oxidative stress. In this case, cells are damaged by reactive oxygen species and become susceptible to malignant changes.

“With a caloric surplus and a sedentary lifestyle, a person is at increased risk of developing obesity, which can lead to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. These conditions are risk factors for the development of cancer,” the oncologist emphasized.
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