Nutritionist Volodina: avoiding sauces and added sugar will help maintain health and beauty

According to the recommendations of nutritionist Esma Volodina, avoiding certain foods helps maintain good health and beauty.

Nutritionist Volodina told what eating habits help you stay healthy and look youthful. In particular, avoiding added sugar helps maintain health and beauty, the expert is convinced.

“You need to minimize, or better yet completely eliminate, refined sugar. This product has no nutritional value and only supplies the body with “empty” calories. Abuse of sugar leads to excess weight gain, negatively affects the skin, teeth and hair, reduces immunity, and increases the risk of developing Hashimoto’s disease,” Volodina shared with
The nutritionist warned that the abundance of added sugar in the diet can provoke the appearance of psycho-emotional disorders, aggression, increased irritability, and depression. All this can aggravate the perception of everyday stress and make the psyche more vulnerable.

In addition, in order to maintain health and beauty, Volodina advised eating less sausage. If sausages are constantly present on the menu, the risk of colorectal cancer increases, the nutritionist warned.

“Daily consumption of sausages is comparable in carcinogenicity to smoking,” the specialist said.
Another factor that “kills” beauty and health is the constant use of products such as refined sunflower oil, mayonnaise and other ready-made sauces. Esma Volodina stated that refined sunflower oil contains trans fats, whose consumption can cause obesity, atherosclerosis and heart disease; in addition, when heated and frying, it becomes a source of carcinogens.

Sauces, in turn, fill the body with completely undesirable substances.

“Mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces from the store contain many artificial additives, dyes, salt and sugar,” noted the nutritionist.
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