Nutritionist Uvarovskaya: tomato juice is healthier than tomatoes – it improves protection against cancer

tomato juice
Nutriciologist Ksenia Uvarovskaya: to prepare the juice, tomatoes are subjected to heat treatment, which makes it healthier.

Nutriciologist Uvarovskaya told in an interview with RIAMO how it is prepared tomato juice.

“To prepare tomato juice, ripe tomatoes are crushed, the seeds are separated and rubbed through a sieve. Then the mass is heated to 75-80 degrees to destroy microorganisms.”
The specialist noted that tomato juice is healthier than tomatoes for the human body, since heat treatment makes the beneficial substances contained in the fruit more accessible: for example, vitamins A and B, calcium, magnesium, iodine, the antioxidant lycopene.

“Thanks to lycopene Tomato juice improves men's health, as it prevents prostatitis, male infertility and prostate cancer. It also supports women’s reproductive health, reducing the risk of developing mastopathy and cervical cancer,” listed Uvarovskaya.
The nutritionist added that thanks to the consumption of tomato juice (as, by the way, tomato paste), the immune system is strengthened, the condition of the skin and the quality of vision, and the functioning of the digestive tract are improved.

Drinking tomato juice also prevents the formation of blood clots and increases the level of “good” cholesterol, which reduces the concentration of “bad” cholesterol, which accumulates in the vessels, provokes the development of atherosclerosis, and with it – heart attack and stroke.

Uvarovskaya clarified that adults can consume 200-250 milliliters of tomato juice daily – but not on an empty stomach.

“Juice works best with fats (olive oil, seeds and nuts), as well as garlic and soy. This way, you can increase its beneficial properties several times,” the expert advised.
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