Nutritionist Starodubova named systematic malnutrition among the mistakes of people losing weight

Nutritionist Antonina Starodubova: too strong dietary restrictions are a mistake that can prevent you from achieving the desired weight loss.

Nutritionist Starodubova named the key mistakes of people losing weight . One of them is the desire to lose weight quickly, for which steps are often taken that border on health risks.

“The human body can lose up to two to four kilograms in a balanced manner per month, so you should strive for quality, not speed of weight loss,” said Antonina Starodubova in a commentary for Moscow 24.
The specialist stated that the “most serious mistakes” when trying to achieve weight loss are excessive dietary restrictions and systematic malnutrition. According to Starodubova, such eating behavior can provoke a lack of a number of vitamins and minerals, which will contribute to poor health and loss of strength. In addition, this is fraught with the appearance of a strong feeling of hunger, which can lead to breakdowns and overeating of unhealthy foods.

The nutritionist drew attention to the fact that with significant food restrictions, the body will preserve fat mass as a reserve of its nutrients .
“Restrictions will not help you lose weight faster, but only contribute to the loss of muscle tissue,” the expert warned.
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Antonina Starodubova Antonina Starodubova Healthy lifestyle chief nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health