Nutritionist Solomatina named cottage cheese among the foods useful for the body in hot weather

cottage cheese
Dietician Elena Solomatina: in the heat, foods that are easy to digest are optimal for consumption.

Nutritionist Solomatina spoke about foods that will be appropriate in the diet when the heat reigns outside the windows.

“In the heat, you need to eat foods that are easily digested and do not put a strain on the digestive tract,” the nutritionist noted in a commentary on RT.
Elena Solomatina named cottage cheese among those beneficial for the body in the heat of food. It is a source of protein necessary for the normal functioning of the body and the development of muscle mass.

What foods does the specialist recommend eating in the heat:

  • Sources of milk proteins – fermented milk products, cheese.
  • Fish – its protein is absorbed without problems, in addition it provides the body with omega -3;
  • Lean types of meat – chicken or turkey breast, rabbit.
  • Vegetable – in the form of juicy vegetables, fruits, berries.

Solomatina added that plant foods contain fiber, which feeds the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microbiome, as well as moisture, which the body needs in hot conditions, plus antioxidants, which prevent the development of pathological processes.

“In addition, you can eat ice cream – but make sure that it contains natural milk or cream, sugar in acceptable quantities, a small amount of calories, and no dyes or flavors,” the expert advised.
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