Nutritionist Shafer: strawberries contain less sugars compared to cherries

berries in the palms
Nutritionist Anna Shafer: the carbohydrate load of strawberries is lower, this berry is preferable for diabetics compared to cherries.

Nutritionist Shafer stated that strawberries contain less sugar than cherries, and the glycemic load they produce on the body is lower. This is important for obesity, diabetes and other health problems that require limiting carbohydrates and sugar in the diet. The specialist advised people with excess weight, diabetes and metabolic syndrome to eat strawberries, not cherries.

“100 grams of cherries contain 2 teaspoons of simple sugars, and the same amount of strawberries contains one and a half,” the nutritionist said in comments “RG”.
Anna Shafer added that the same portion of strawberries is much richer in vitamin C (strawberries contain 60 mg, while cherries contain 15 mg). The doctor drew attention to the fact that vitamin C is one of the key antioxidants that support and improve the functioning of the immune system, helping the body absorb iron from food.

It is better to eat berries fresh, since many vitamins are destroyed during cooking, the specialist advised.
Earlier, the portal wrote that nutritionist Angelica Duval recommended that Russians avoid eating ice cream every day to prevent excess weight.

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