Nutritionist Sadovskaya advised not to be afraid of sugar in healthy foods

Nutician Victoria Sadovskaya: proper consumption of sugar does not have a negative effect on the body.

Doctor Sadovskaya noted in an interview that sugar has become a product that is harmful which is often exaggerated. As a result, people begin to fear eating healthy and wholesome foods that contain it – vegetables, fruits, dairy products.

The nutritionist advised not to be afraid of sugar in healthy foods, as well as not to be afraid of sugar in general. In the absence of individual contraindications, its correct use will not harm the body.

“You shouldn’t demonize sugar, it doesn’t matter whether it’s regular sugar, cane sugar or even fructose. When consumed in acceptable quantities, up to 10 percent of your daily diet, there is no negative effect on the human body,” Sadovskaya shared with Vechernyaya Moskva.
The specialist emphasized that vegetables and fruits, which are natural sources of sugars, are a must. must be present in the diet. Together with these products, the human body receives fiber, vitamins and microelements that strengthen immunity and health.

“For people without problems with sugar, we may not particularly limit the amount of fruit, although we should always remember about healthy measures in everything,” the expert said.
The doctor added that one should not consider certain types of sugar preferable and healthier. The body processes any type of sugar in the same way – it is converted into glucose, which then enters the blood, serves as food for the brain and “raw material” for energy production.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

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