Nutritionist Moody named unhealthy snacking among the leading habits to gain weight

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Often people's daily habits become the cause of imperceptibly appearing obesity, warned nutritionist Destiny Moody.

Nutritionist Moody said the effects of many habits are cumulative. Some habits that people follow for a long time contribute to the appearance of excess weight or obesity. In particular, the specialist named unhealthy snacking among the habits that lead to obesity.

“If you snack on too high-calorie foods, you shouldn’t dream of a thin waist. There are too many carbohydrates in chips and cookies, so they are quickly digested – and hunger sets in again,” the Tsargrad expert quotes.
Lack of sleep is also closely linked to the appearance of excess weight, the nutritionist warned. Due to the fact that a person sleeps too little, a hormonal imbalance occurs, affecting a decrease in metabolism and an uncontrollable increase in appetite, while the body begins to gravitate towards high-calorie foods.

“It has been scientifically proven that those who sleep less seven hours a day, the level of cortisol increases, which contributes to the accumulation of fat,” said the nutritionist.
Destiny Moody added that people who are distracted by watching a smartphone or TV while eating also risk gaining extra pounds. Such a distraction disrupts the mechanisms of satiety – a person unnoticed by himself eats more, since he does not concentrate on the process of eating food.

The nutritionist also noted that many people underestimate the calorie content of the drinks they consume (for example, alcoholic or coffee), fruits or vegetables In addition to excess weight, uneven distribution of calories throughout the day leads to excess calories, when high-calorie snacks or meals are consumed late.

Another bad habit for your figure is eating sweets on an empty stomach. According to the expert, it contributes to sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels, causing a strong increase in appetite and overeating.

The portal previously wrote that consuming sugar can deprive a person of a healthy liver faster than alcohol.

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