Nutritionist Lazurenko considered the statement about the benefits of tea in protecting against diabetes to be a myth

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Nutritionist Natalya Lazurenko: drinking tea and reducing the risk of developing diabetes are in no way connected.

Nutritionist Lazurenko was skeptical about the ability of tea to prevent diabetes , although you can often hear that the same black tea helps remove excess glucose present in the blood. The expert considered the statement about the benefits of tea in protecting against diabetes to be a myth and emphasized that there is no direct connection between drinking the drink and reducing the risk of this disease. In her commentary for, the specialist stated:

“Regular consumption of black tea cannot prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.”
According to Lazurenko, tea primarily affects blood vessels and blood pressure. Possessing a tonic property, it stimulates vascular activity and heart rate, and increases blood pressure. But drinking tea has no direct effect on your blood sugar or your body's ability to metabolize insulin. Drinking the drink should not be considered as a prevention of insulin resistance, the nutritionist is convinced.

“There is no connection between drinking tea and the risk of developing diabetes; such statements are a myth,” said Natalia Lazurenko.
At the same time, the expert admits that if people give up the habit of drinking tea with something sweet or other food and will not add anything to the drink, their blood sugar and insulin levels will improve. Tea is healthy only if it is without sugar and other additives, the nutritionist emphasized.

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