Nutritionist Koroleva advised those losing weight to combine protein and plant fiber

vegetables and protein
Dietician Margarita Koroleva: combining complete protein with plant fiber promotes weight loss.

Nutritionist Koroleva advised people losing weight to combine protein and plant fiber. According to the specialist, such a combination of products has a positive effect on metabolic processes and promotes weight loss.

“To lose weight, sources of complete protein must be combined with plant fibers. Protein is poultry, meat, fish. Vegetable fibers are vegetable side dishes and green salads,” Margarita Koroleva shared with Moscow 24.
The expert explained that digesting this food requires large energy expenditures from the body. Thus, high food thermogenesis occurs, in which digestion is accompanied by a more intense metabolism. In addition, the body receives vitamins and protein necessary for the development of muscles and their tissue (which is also important for maintaining slimness and losing weight).

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