Nutritionist Kopytko: there are foods that can speed up metabolism and help you lose weight

Dietitian Marina Kopytko: the speed and quality of weight loss depend on a person’s metabolism.

Nutritionist Kopytko said that the concept of “metabolism” implies the speed of metabolic processes occurring in the body. With a fast metabolism, it actively uses nutrients to produce energy, strengthen bones, muscle growth, tissue regeneration, hormone production – in this case, there is no accumulation of fat and no weight gain.

When metabolism slows down, the processes of breakdown of food components and the use of the resulting substances also occurs more slowly – the body does not have time to use up all the incoming calories. This leads to their deposition in fat and the appearance of fullness.

“Metabolism can slow down due to age and external circumstances. It slows down especially significantly at the age of over 50, when hormonal changes in the body occur, Kopytko warned in a comment to Vechernaya Moskva.
At the same time, the nutritionist noted, eating the right foods can speed up metabolism and help you lose weight.

“There are foods that can speed up your metabolism. These are, for example, protein products – eggs, meat, legumes. In addition, foods with B vitamins (bran, cereals, pistachios) and spices,” the expert suggested.
Drinking water also helps speed up metabolism.

Koptko added that the most effective way to lose weight is a combination of suitable diet and physical activity. Even ordinary walking can make a figure slimmer if, for example, a person who previously preferred a sedentary pastime starts walking.

The portal previously wrote that diabetes can occur even when giving up sugar and desserts.

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