Nutritionist Khlopova: the inability of an adult body to digest milk is a myth

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Nutritionist Yulia Khlopova: with age, only some people stop digesting milk normally.

Nutritionist Khlopova commented on the well-known statement about the inability of an adult body to digest milk. You can often hear that only children can digest milk normally, while adults stop producing the enzyme necessary to digest it. For this reason, adults are even advised to exclude all dairy from their diet, so as not to provoke negative reactions of the body and poor health. with age, the enzyme responsible for digesting milk does not disappear; it is an individual reaction,” the expert stated in a commentary to Life.
The specialist recalled that a condition that prevents the body from absorbing milk is known as lactose intolerance. To understand whether it is inherent in humans, it is necessary to undergo certain studies. Lactose intolerance is far from being as common as many people think, the nutritionist emphasized.

“If you feel discomfort when drinking milk, pay attention to what you eat and drink in addition to this drink, since a cross-reaction is possible,” – Khlopova added.
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