Nutritionist Denisova: red cabbage thins the blood and protects against blood clots

red cabbage salad
Dietician Natalya Denisova explained why eating red cabbage is beneficial.

Nutritionist Denisova said that the red color of cabbage is ensured by a high level of anthocyanins – substances that protect body cells from damage and improve blood characteristics. Thanks to the influence of these compounds, red cabbage thins the blood and protects against blood clots

“Anthocins improve the rheological properties of blood – this means that the blood thins out and becomes more fluid. They also protect the vascular wall – it becomes denser, atherosclerotic plaques “sit” on it less,” Natalya Denisova told
The specialist emphasized that people who consume red cabbage significantly reduce their risk of suffering from heart disease. vascular diseases and their dangerous consequences.

The doctor drew attention to the fact that this vegetable contains a lot of potassium, which activates the process of removing excess sodium and excess fluid from the body. This effect helps to reduce swelling and lower blood pressure.

“Fresh cabbage salads should be eaten with caution by people with chronic gastrointestinal diseases – their consumption can cause bloating, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhea. It is better for them to eat cabbage in a heat-treated form,” the expert advised.
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Natalia Denisova Natalia Denisova Healthy Lifestyle Dietitian, Senior Researcher, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology”