Nutritionist Denisenko: in the heat, lean meats will be useful for good health

vegetable salad with chicken breast
Nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko: lean meat in the heat will supply the body with protein and maintain muscle tone.

Nutritionist Denisenko told how to eat in the heat so as not to lose your good health. She noted that in hot weather, food is digested worse, as the body spends a lot of resources adapting to an uncomfortable environment. Taking this into account, you should choose foods that are as easy as possible for digestion, and make meals such that they do not cause a feeling of heaviness or excessive fullness in the stomach.

“In the summer, you can limit yourself to light snacks – eat often and in small portions. This way, heaviness will not occur and nutrients will be better absorbed,” the specialist shared with
The menu during the hot period should contain a large amount of vegetables and fruits, as well as cold soups, the nutritionist added. Denisenko drew attention to the fact that plant foods provide a cooling effect, which helps to better tolerate high summer temperatures.

What is also needed is protein, which provides the body with energy and is needed by the muscles. Therefore, the nutritionist added, in the heat, lean meats will be useful to maintain good health and prevent fatigue.

“Chicken, turkey and seafood, in addition to protein, are also rich in potassium, iodine, magnesium and fluorine, which actively “leave” together with sweating,” the expert explained.
In addition to meat, Denisenko advised eating cottage cheese, yoghurt and kefir.

The portal previously wrote that meat, eggs and milk present in the diet reduce the risk the appearance of tumors.

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