Nutritionist Chukhacheva told how much saturated fat one piece of sausage contains

Dietician Olga Chukhacheva: almost all people today need to limit the amount of saturated fat in their daily diet.

Nutritionist Chukhacheva reported: the consumption of saturated fat by modern people in in most cases it is excessive. Therefore, recommendations to limit it apply to almost everyone.

“Saturated fats are one of the few food components that are recommended to be limited to all people, regardless of existing diseases, to 10% of the daily calorie intake,” the nutritionist shared with Gazeta.Ru.
Chukhacheva said that one piece of sausage can contain as much saturated fat as an adult can eat in a day.

“A thumb-sized piece of lard, sausage or butter contains the daily limit of saturated fat,” the doctor said.
The nutritionist warned that such fat, consumed in excessive quantities, contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. The specialist advised giving preference to foods such as lean meat, fish and seafood, legumes, vegetable oils and nuts in your daily diet – then the body will receive less saturated fat. What is also important: the diet should contain as little as possible baked goods, muffins, sweets and desserts, especially industrially produced ones.

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